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Frustrated Streamers

Creating custom emotes can be a frustrating and time-consuming process for streamers.

Complicated Design Software

Traditional design tools can be complex and overwhelming, especially for those without design experience.

Time-Consuming Process

Creating custom emotes often involves a lengthy and tedious process, taking time away from content creation.

Emote Creation Process
The Solution

Instant Creation Magic

EmoteMaker.ai revolutionizes the emote creation process with its cutting-edge AI technology and user-friendly interface.

One-Click Background Removal

Easily remove backgrounds from images with a single click, allowing you to create transparent emotes effortlessly.

Rapid Emote Generation

Leverage the power of AI to generate custom emotes in seconds, saving you valuable time and effort.

One-Click Background Removal

Effortless Transparent Emotes

Say goodbye to tedious background removal tasks. With EmoteMaker.ai, you can create transparent emotes with a single click, saving you valuable time and effort.


Emote Styles Gallery

Explore the diverse range of emote styles available on EmoteMaker.ai, from pixel art to kawaii designs.

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User Testimonials

See what our satisfied customers have to say about EmoteMaker.ai.



Twitch Streamer

"Yo, EmoteMaker.ai is straight up amazing for making custom Twitch emotes! I had some really specific ideas in mind, like a chibi avatar of myself with a chat bubble that said "Yappin" since I'm always going off on tangents on stream. I also wanted a bold "BOZO!" text emote my chat could spam whenever I fail. Dude, the emote maker had me covered! The chibi creator had a ton of options to make a cute mini-me "Yappin" emote that looks just like my IRL self. And typing in my "BOZO!" text and picking colors and styles was a piece of cake. EmoteMaker.ai made it stupid easy to bring my emote visions to life. The whole process was quick and the emotes came out clean AF. They match my stream's vibe perfectly. Since uploading them, chat's been popping off with the new emotes! The custom "BOZO!" spam when I choke is hilarious and the "Yappin" emote is already an inside joke. Seriously, if you want dope custom emotes for your stream, don't sleep on EmoteMaker.ai. It's the real deal and lets you make exactly what you want with no hassle. 11/10, already planning to make more!"



Twitch Streamer

"EmoteMaker.ai was a game-changer for creating the perfect pixelated golden turtle emote for my Twitch channel. The AI generated so many adorable designs and after some tweaks, I landed on the ideal shimmering gold turtle that perfectly captured what I had envisioned."



WoW Guild and Discord Community

"Oh man, EmoteMaker.ai was a total lifesaver for our WoW guild's Discord! We really wanted some unique duck emotes that captured the vibe of the game. I wasn't sure what to expect, but holy cow - the AI came up with so many cool designs blending ducks with WoW stuff. After playing around with the options a bit, we found the perfect emotes. They're like ducks cosplaying as epic WoW characters, it's hilarious and awesome. Seriously, EmoteMaker.ai made the whole process a breeze and the emotes have been a huge hit with our guildies. 10/10 would quack again!"